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A successful transaction in the aviation community begins with the initial encounter. On your first encounter with us we take the extra steps to get you in contact with qualified experts to demonstrate the level of service that you can expect with our sales team. Soon after showing interest in one of our aircraft we will have an expert of your aircraft of choice reach out to you. This expert will be a seasoned pilot or maintenance chief of the aircraft you dream of. Their hours in the cockpit or behind the wrench will be used to show you the little nuances behind every aircraft purchase so that you know exactly what to expect when you receive your aircraft. This expert will be with you throughout the entire process. They will help you choose an aircraft, help achieve the lowest price and arrange for any remodeling you would need, and they will act as your maintenance liaison with a pre-purchase inspection. Jet Insiders does not hire brokers, we hire experts.

Intelligent Sales
A cornerstone of any good sale, from a lemonade stand to a Gulf-stream G650, is placement. Jet Insiders leverages its contacts in every faucet of the industry to get your jet out in front. For us, if the Aircraft is not being actively and daily marketed, then there is an opportunity being lost.

Excellence in Service
While there are many options to choose from in this industry, Jet Insiders seek to stand out as a prominent team in your mind with superior service. Our office is always available for contact when you want to hear the status of a listing. Our sales team as well as our experts are masters of customer service and will do whatever necessary to achieve your satisfaction. This includes transparency, respect, and attention to detail.

Excellence in Community
Rather than simple listing services or communal sales, our success relies on your success. This is the type of motivation that alllows us to fully embrace every sale with no regard to size of sale. At Jet Insiders, we have taken jets that could not be sold elsewhere and successfully converted to a sale because of our contacts and the ability to connect clients with sellers.

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