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About the Insiders

A History of Excellence
With a collection of extremely qualified personnel, success is a guarantee. The Jet Insiders have a collection of over a dozen highly qualified aviation experts. This is the kind of support that the Insiders bring to each and every sale. Jet Insiders have a conglomoration of well into 200 years of aviation community experts. This is broken down into 50 years broker experience, over 100 years piloting experience, and over 50 years of maintenance experience.

Teamwork Rather than Competition
Jet Insiders are a group of experts in the Aviation field. Industry leaders from all aspects of aviation have gathered to freely exchange information, ease aircraft transitions, and complete evaluations of all aircraft that pass through the marketplace. Our professionals come from all aspects of aviation. Insiders from the charter industry pass along relative prices and share potential profits for buyers looking to charter their planes post purchase.

Expertise at its Finest
Pilots with over 10,000 hours in the cockpit share exact maintenance schedules,provide pre-purchase maintenance checks, and share little known problems or benefits of their aircraft. Experts from the sales industry effeciently move through the sales process thereby minimizing the amount of time the consumer or seller needs to spend with each transaction. Seasonned maintenance mangers, flight department establishers, and aircraft managers all do their part to smooth the transition into your next aircraft.

An Open Dialogue
The main idea of Jet Insiders is transpearancy of information. We openly provide a bird's eye view into the inner workings of the aviation industry. Our veterans of aviation have been through the turbulence before and are ready to guide you to open skies. This includes public or private discussion with each aviation expert on our roster. Whether you are looking to acquire or sell an aircraft of choice, let the experts from Jet Insiders be there with you along the way.

    Benefits of Working with Insiders
  • Accurate Maintenaince Costs
  • Expert Inspections
  • Rapid Aircraft Availability
  • Intense Dedication
  • The Attention You Deserve

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