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Specifc Knowledgebanks:

  • Primary Career: Pilot
  • Gulfstream IV Aviation
  • Gulfstream V Aviation
  • Airline Policy

Employment History:

  • Private Contracts
    GV & GIV Pilot
  • Jet Aviation
    Line Captain GV
  • K Services
    Chief Pilot GIV


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About the Insiders

Ed Thayres is an expert pilot and a contributing author to the Jet Insider's blog. He has a long career of work in the aviation community including 30 years in the field. Mr. Thayres has a history of education at the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is a true Gulfstream professional having flown G2, G2B, G2SP, G3 (AC & DC), GIV, G450, GV, and G550s on both a corporate and private contract level. Mr. Thayres also has a lot of experience with the integration of air carrier certificates (135 on demand) and with the arrangement of company policy, SOP’s and SMS programs.

Here is a quote about his experiences from Mr. Thayres:

Jet Aviation purchased K Services September of 2009. I continued the title and role of Chief Pilot for the Air Carrier side. In March 2010 I was offered and accepted the position of Chief Pilot Jet Aviation North America.
I assisted the D.O. with the integration of the 135 certificate into Jet Aviation. We transferred and added airplanes from another certificate while writing new policies and procedures to integrate both companies.
My duties included the role of FAA Drug & Alcohol Program Manager, the TSA, AOSC for Twelve Five Security Program & the US Customs liason for Southern Border Overflight permits, Director of Training. I maintained and managed all pilot records & the FAA PRIA process as pilots were added to the certificate. I also managed the German and Australian Security Programs in addition to the role of Director of Safety & Security.

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