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Gulfstream IV

Gulfstream IV Overview

In March of 1983 Gulfstream started to develop a stretched version of the GIII with newer, efficient Rolls Royce Tay engine. The Tay was years ahead of its time with both high power and extremely high effeciency. This allowed Gulfstream to revolutionize business aviation with intercontinental range and advanced cockpit and cabin technology. The new, large yet light wing gave the GIV a 4,300-nautical-mile (7,964-kilometer) range at a Mach .80 cruising speed. Gulfstream added digital flight management computers (the first in a civil aviation aircraft) increasing fuel efficiency while reducing pilot workload. They added satellite communications to the cabin for worldwide access to ground base land lines. The GIV first flew on September 19, 1985, and was entered into service in August 1987. Since then it has become one of the most treasured releases in the Gulfstream field if not the entirety of private aviation.

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