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Citation Sovereign Costs

Citation Sovereign Cost

Up Front: $5.45 Million - $7.45 Million
Direct: $1640 per hour
Indirect: $563,182 per year

When analyzing the cost of owning an aircraft, up-front, direct, and indirect costs must be accounted. Up- front costs are how much you may be expected to pay for an aircraft as the price of purchasing, this decreases based on number of cycles, length of service, and age of the aircraft. Direct costs are averages of how much it costs you per hour you fly. Direct costs increase with the age of the aircraft. Indirect costs are defined by how much the plane will cost regardless of flight time. This does not change normally.

Breakdown of Citation Sovereign Costs
Direct Cost
Fuel $1,235
Maintenance $232
Total $1,640
Annual (Fixed) Cost
Captain Salary $78,000
Co Pilot Salary $53,000
Hangar $57,000
Insurance $55,000
Misc. $84,200
Depreciation $203,675
Total $563,182

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