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Gulfstream III

Gulfstream III Overview

On December 2, 1979 the Gulfstream GIII made its first flight, a long 13 years after its predecessor. It shocked the world by stretching the limits of fuel efficiency 23 percent over the Gulfstream GII. The GIII can travel 3,760 nautical miles (6,964 kilometers) with its new wing design plus the addition of winglets. This allowed businessmen to fly from NY to London without stopping. The GIII is also capable of flying from London to NY (against the Jet Stream) nonstop given favorable wind conditions. In November of 1983 the G3 became the first business jet to fly over both the north and south poles. The GIII entered service in late 1980. More than 200 GIIIs were sold between 1980 and 1986.

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